Root Canal

Root canal is necessary when tooth’s nerve is affected by infection and/or decay. This simple treatment can save your tooth. If you are experiencing generally acute dental pain or sensitivity to hot or cold, your dentist will most likely recommend a root canal to eliminate the diseased pulp. During the procedure, the pulp will be removed and the root canal system will be thoroughly cleaned, filled and sealed. Root canals are performed with local anesthesia and are almost always successful. On your next appointment, your tooth will be crowned and will be fully functional.

Why Do I Need One?

The pulp, or the soft tissue inside of your tooth is important during tooth development; however, once your tooth is developed, the pulp is not necessary as the tooth is nourished by surrounding tissues. When healthy, the pulp of your tooth surrounded and protected by dentin. Above the gum line, the dentin is protected by enamel; below the gum line, by cementum. A cavity, crack or other injury can damage these protective layers and expose the pulp, leading to inflammation or infection. Root canal removes the damaged pulp and usually the tooth will return to healthy condition.

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Our Happy Patients

"He's the best, very gentle I recommend him very highly. Once you walk in the door the reception is there with a lovely smile greeting you and making you feel very comfortable. The doctor's assistance is also the best. They make you feel like family. And it's affordable. I love you guys"

Wanda P. Wanda P.

"It may be seldom one uses the words root canal and pleasant in the same sentence but that sums up my experience yesterday. Dr. Taylor and his competent assistant performed a root canal that was painless, relaxed (for me) and yes, pleasant. Every staff member I met was friendly and helpful. How refreshing. Thank you!"

Richard K. Richard K.

"Dr. Taylor and his staff are top notch. Always courteous, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Best customer service and patient experience ever. Dr. Taylor also stays current with technology that is efficient and effective and benefits the patient. Cannot say enough about the practice. I have been going to Dr. Taylor for the past 20 years and would highly recommend him (and have!)."

John R. John R.
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